Are You Confused About What TV Antenna You Should Use?

If you own a Television you’ll require the use of a TV antenna in order to watch it! With many kinds of TV antennas it makes it difficult for people to choose one for their entertainment room. Hills and Matchmaster are two brands we sell and install here at Nichols TV, and both are valued for their reliability and performance.

All types of TV antennas are installed on the roof of a building. Here is a guide to help you choose between the two brands, and also narrow down the models in each line.

Ensure You’re Choosing the Right Antenna

Everyone should get excellent broadcast quality TV services, as long as they have a quality antenna. If you don’t have good TV reception, it could because of a cheap or poor quality antenna on your roof. It’s also possible that it’s been incorrectly installed, or badly maintained.

When choosing a new antenna you’ll want to consider what channels you desire. You’ll also want to determine what is the signal strength or coverage of your antenna.

If you know of reception problems in your area you may need a masthead or distribution amplifier, also known as a signal booster, to help you out.

If you purchase antennas from an Australian company, you’ll be ensuring that the right frequencies are covered—VHF Band III for VHF channels 6 to 12—and UHF Band IV & V for UHF channels 28 to 51. Antennas are always location specific.

Another factor to consider is the ability for the antenna to minimise the reception of unwanted signals.

Weather conditions can be an issue, so you want an antenna that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

What to Avoid

Any antenna made for indoor usage. Also, antennas that have limited range, for example, only channels 0 to 5. You’ll also want to avoid having multiple antennas installed on your roof that can interfere with each other’s signals.

The Benefits of Hills

Hills is a major manufacturer and supplier of antennas. They’ve been in business for over 50 years, and also operate in New Zealand. They aim to provide equipment that provides for low energy consumption.

Their range of antennas includes UHF, VHF, and combined antennas. They also provide all the necessary accessories for installation.

The Benefits of Matchmaster

Matchmater antennas are made in Australia. The company has been around since 1939. They have the promise that every product that is installed will provide the highest quality TV reception each and every time.

Matchmaster allows you to choose based on the number of outlets you have in your home. Standard options are from 2 to 9. Most antennas are made for houses, but if you’re in an apartment there may be some smaller antennas that your manager or body corporation may allow for installation.

Other considerations include whether you wish to subscribe to satellite pay TV, or receive FM signals to listen to radio.

If you’re still uncertain about which antenna you need, please give Nichols TV a call. We would be happy to assist you.