See LG’s New 2017 OLED TV for Yourself!

LG has a new line of LED televisions for viewers who want crystal clear sound and image quality. The LG OLED TV is great in looks and style and if you enjoy the experience of a movie theatre, but prefer to hang out at home, this is the TV that’s going to provide you with the closest cinema experience.

The OLED technology in these TVs is different than in your standard flat screen LED TV. In this type of TV, the image is created from millions of pixels which are self-lighting. Each LED or light has the ability to turn itself off completely, so that if the image on the screen is composed of black, you’ll truly see black, and not just a greyed-out image. The 2016 OLED models still had some kinks to work out, including black being more greyscale. But with the 2017 line, you’ll truly be getting black.

Another advantage is that the screen can show a billion different colours, which will also be much brighter. This was created with technology from Dolby. This tech can also adjust on a frame by frame basis of your show, but more commonly scene by scene.

This TV will also not have that annoying halo effect that you can get with regular LED TVs, particularly during scenes where there are explosions.

The OLED TV line also has thinner screens, so they take up less space in your home, and are much lighter, which is perfect if you wish to wall mount them.

If you purchase the OLED G7 or the M7 models, the TV has a long front speaker on the bottom with Dolby Atmos technology. This can avoid any sound distortion that can commonly happen if your speaker is on the sides or back. The sound is good no matter where you are seated in your room.

There are about six different OLED TVs to choose from: LG Signature or not, and 55”, and 65” sizes. The top of the line is the 65-inch W7 OLED, which is worth the money if you enjoy your screen time!

Some TVs’ settings and controls can be difficult to navigate with your remote controller, but the OLEDS are simple to operate. You can also program in certain hot keys for the channels that you view the most. You can control the vision with the controller, rather than having to access controls on the TV. Another neat feature with this TV is that you can actually zoom in on a scene and actually record it.

You will be amazed with what the LG OLED TV offers.