The TV Antennas we choose!

Television antennas have long been the most consistent requirement for televisions. With improved technology, antennas now catch signals efficiently and broadcast the channels in full high definition as well. Antennas have become a necessity for every home and making sure you buy high quality ones is essential. For the best purchases in television antennas, we fit and supply HILLS or MATCHMASTER.

These two leading brands are dominating the market with their quality and here’s a look at why.

HILLS:  Hills is an Australian and New Zealand leading brand and a name we all know and trust as it has been in operation for over 50 years – definitely a true recognition of a great product. Hills products are a high quality solution for both residential and commercial properties. It is an antenna that defiantly moves with today evolving technology.  Whether you need VHF, UHF or 4G you cannot go past this antenna and their extensive range of products.

MATCHMASTER:  Commencing back in 1940, MATCHMASTER boasts an exception track record of distributing high quality products all across the country. They pride themselves on being wholly Aussie, and their products are highly recommended. They have a huge variety and pride themselves on its technological innovations and are distributed for commercial use.

Both HILLS and MATCHMASTER are the leading television antenna providers in the country and for good reason! Their products are top of the line, developed with the most innovative technology, and sure to work for years to come. I personally have chosen these 2 brands to use within my business because of the high quality, reliability and performance they both give.

Whenever you’re in the need for a television antenna Nichols Television Services ensure that you get the best quality and workmanship for your money.