Why Do I Need an HDMI Cable for My TV?

Do not ever compromise on the quality of your television programs, movies, and DVDs.

HDMI is a term for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. This cable basically connects your Television to your PVR, DVD player, gaming system and other type of media devices.

In technical terms, it is an audio and video interface that can transmit uncompressed video and audio data from your HDMI-compliant source to your television. It allows for a high-quality resolution. In order to use it, there will be a specific port on the back of your television. If your television doesn’t have this port, it may be time to buy a new TV!

The older version of a television displays what we call standard definition. The picture on the set was likely square, about 4:3. The resolution was 704 x 480 pixels. The pictures on the old sets were what we called interlaced. The picture was actually two images put together. If your parents still have an old television, you know how bad the quality is when compared to today’s standards.

HDTVs are strictly digital. They use information in the form of ones and zeros. The info passes through the cable as an electrical impulse. HDTVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9 so you get rectangular images on your TV, not square. They are also in a higher resolution, which is around 1920 x 1080 pixels. The images from the HDTV signals are progressive, so that each frame of the moving image is full, rather than half.

HDTV can also display more colours than your older TV sets. But in order to do this, it needs more data that must work much faster. When your HDTV can receive this information digitally, then it doesn’t have to spend time converting the signal from an analogue format.

This means that all components in your home entertainment system need to be compatible with each other. Did you know that an HDMI cable has limits to its length in order to function optimally?

If you’re impressed by high colour, full colour images on your TV, then a HDMI cable is the way to go. This type of cable will deliver pure and uncompressed